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Regular Dental Implants Vs. Mini Dental Implants

Today, when it comes to dental implants there are two main types that dentists rely on: regular dental implants and mini dental implants. If you don’t know anything about dental implants, it is easy to assume that they are similar, but they are actually quite different. While it is assumed that mini dental implants are just a more advanced form of more traditional dental implants, each implant form has its use in dentistry today.

The main difference between the to dental implants is size. True to its name, mini dental implants are smaller than regular dental implants, but it is their size that makes them unique. Regular dental implants require a certain amount of bone to adhere to, and oftentimes, patients do not meet the requirements. Before the introduction of mini dental implants, patients would need to undergo bone-grafting procedures in order to ready the jawbone for the dental implant. With mini dental implants, the implant can adhere to thinner bone, making grafting procedures unnecessary.

Another way that these two implants differ is the replacement area that they cover. Traditional implants were used to replace a large area of teeth, sometimes even a whole upper or lower set. With mini dental implants, patients can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, making ease and convenience two great benefits of this new treatment.

While the end result of both implants are the same, the installation process and recover time for patients vary greatly depending on which procedure they’ve undergone. Regular dental implants are attached to the jawbone, requiring invasive gum cutting procedures that require downtime. Mini dental implants are smaller in size, so they do not require this invasive procedure. Also, mini dental implants can often be installed in one single visit, whereas traditional dental implants can require a series of treatments.

Last, incisions in the gum line are much smaller with mini dental implants, therefore no stitches are required post treatment. Traditional dentures require more invasive procedures and can lead to the need for downtime.

Both types of implants can give you the perfect smile you’ve been looking for. To find out which type of implant is right for you, visit Dental Implant Dentist in Kent, OH today.