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Mini Dental Implants Kent, OH

Mini dental implants are great way for Kent, OH residents to achieve a perfect smile. Many people feel embarrassed when they lose a tooth, especially at a young age. But now, replacing them is quick and easy. Dental Implant Dentist provides patients of all ages with a safe and effective procedure that can give you a natural smile fast.

One reason why many patients may feel that mini dental implants are not a viable option is the cost. It is important to know that when compared to more traditional forms of dental implants, mini dental implants are lower in cost. Traditional dental implant procedures can be lengthy and quite invasive. Mini dental implants are often installed in one treatment, and patients can immediately use their new teeth. Because the treatment is less invasive and less time is involved, the price is significantly lower.

So how do you know if mini dental implants are right for you? Mini dental implants are used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in order to rectify broken, damaged or missing teeth. The procedure involves the insertion of the dental implant, which attaches to the bone via a hole that is drilled into the jaw. The end of the implant contains a ball, which the tooth prosthesis is then attached to, thus providing patients with permanent, natural looking teeth.

The greatest benefit of this procedure is the ease of treatment. Patients are in and out, most often in one single treatment, and no downtime is required, allowing patients to immediately return to their daily lives. Mini dental implants are also key in maintaining good oral health. Having a full set of teeth will ensure better dental health and will help you to maintain your smile for years to come.

Beyond that, patients in Kent, OH love that this simple, straightforward treatment can provide the natural look and feel of real teeth, making chewing and speaking a breeze. For those who are self-conscious about their smile due to broken, damaged or missing teeth, contact Dental Implant Dentist today. He can help you get you smile back in no time.