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The History of Mini Dental Implants Kent, OH

Dental implantation using metal first began during the 1940s, but it wasn't until the 1980s that mini dental implants came into existence. At first, various types of metals like lead, gold and silver were used to create dental prosthesis via implantation.

The first metal implantation process involved the top portion of the jawbone and the periosteum area. The first advancement in dental implants led to the blade implants, which were closely linked with the staple form. This particular implant was flat and was placed in the jaw. As the technology continued to improve, another form of dental implantation came into existence and was known as the transmandibular staple implant. This implantation consisted of two to four metal screws, which were kept in the lower jawbone with the help of surgery.

The newest advancement in dental implant technology comes in the form of Mini Dental Implants. Mini dental implants have been approved and used widely since a Manhattan dentist, Dr. Victor I. Sendax, first developed them over 20 years ago. Today, this particular implantation procedure has been approved by the FDA for long tenure use for both removable and fixed applications. The adaptability of MDI makes it useful in those areas where regular implants that have larger diameters cannot be installed. This implantation has many advantages for patients looking for a permanent dental implant.

Although developed much sooner, mini dental implants were not FDA approved until 1999. In the years since, they have become increasingly popular due to the many benefits that they offer. When compared to more traditional forms of dental implants, the mini dental implants are easier to apply, involve less pain, fewer treatments and no downtime. In addition, the price is also much more reasonable. Every year, over 80,000 undergo dental implant treatments in the United States, and every year, more are turning to Mini Dental Implants.