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Benefits of Mini Dental Implants Kent, OH

The mini dental implants at the office of Dental Implant Dentist in Kent, Ohio are comprised of three parts: a tiny titanium post, a rubber O-ring and a metal ball placed on top of the post. During first phase of the procedure, the titanium post is placed into the jawbone, where it acts as a root for the missing tooth. The metal ball is placed on top of the gum line. The artificial tooth is next fixed to the ball with the help of a ball-and –socket process. The O-ring is kept between the gums and artificial tooth, which acts like a cushion.

For those men and women who are looking to eat properly and get back that beautiful smile, then mini dental implants at are the best option. The popularity of mini dental implants is due to the many benefits they provide.

There are many advantages that you will come across with mini dental implants. Learn about some of them here:

Versatility. Mini dental implants are more than just implants. Not only can MDIs be used to replace missing teeth, they are also used to aid in other dental procedures such as dentures and crowns. Mini dental implants, above all else, provide support for long-term dental prosthetics.

Whether used to support crowns, dentures or as a replacement for missing teeth, MDIs have many benefits for patients who are looking to rectify tooth loss. For more information or to set up a mini dental implant consultation visit Dental Implant Dentist in Kent, OH today.

  • Inventive:The mini dental implant procedure at Dental Implant Dentist in Kent, OH is quick, easy and allows you to get that perfect smile back. As the dental implants are merged into the structure of the bone, they will in turn save the loss of bone and gum recession, which generally accompanies dentures and bridgework. After this treatment, you will forget that you had ever had an imperfect smile.
  • Saves your natural teeth:Many people have the misconception that if they go for implantation, their other teeth, which are perfectly healthy now, will be affected later. The good news is that the mini dental implant treatment does not harm any of your natural teeth. The more your natural teeth are untouched, the better your overall oral health will remain.
  • Assurance:With dental implants you will once again get back your confidence, both with eating properly and speaking in public.
  • Long lasting:The success rate of dental implantation process shows that the implants are safe, strong and long lasting. Each year, more individuals opt for this revolutionary treatment.

To learn more about the benefits of this dental implant treatment, visit Dental Implant Dentist in Kent, OH today.